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Embracing the Rest of God

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The rest of God is a unique truth that has escaped many over the centuries. As it appears in Scripture, it is possible to conclude that there is a state of rest that God gives. The implications are widespread: weariness from life, carrying burdens, overwork, an unbalanced life; even a state of resting in Him where temptations, frustrations, and endless emphasizes of this world don’t reach us with the same strength that we’re used to.

Matthew 11:28 “Come unto me and I will give you rest for your souls.”

Genesis 2:2-3 “On the seventh day He rested, and made it holy, because He rested

from all of His work.”

Hebrews 4:1-3 “We who have believed enter His rest.”

Application and Implications:

His Rest

· Cease from striving, from pushing harder, from avoiding anxiety, from carrying the

burdens of this life.

· A sense of contentment: being led by the Spirit vs. driven for greater outcomes.

· Resting in His strength rather than working or trying harder.

His Rest: Stillness of the Soul

· Stillness is a state of being; a consciousness of divine peace; does not require

quietness nor being alone; it’s a state of the soul.

· An inner-strength; a quieting of your life; a peace that surpasses understanding; a

sense of rest.

Breaking the Old Patterns that Rob His Rest

· Busyness, agendas, technology, being overcommitted.

· Unprocessed deeper emotions: anger, resentment, frustrations, bitterness, anxiety,

displaced human memories and emotions.

· Low expectancy of a preferred life of resting in Him.

Resting in Them: Trinity

· God – process any and all Father issues; trust, security, affirmations, acceptance, being


· Jesus – obeying clearly the way you are directed; identifying your personal mission and

working it out; living out the clear purpose of the Father in your life.

· Holy Spirit – empowerment, strength, courage, risk, Peace – inner-strength, deep

sense of value, being understood/known, a profound depth to your being.

Rest: Emotional & Spiritual Health

· Actively engage in times of quiet pursuit.

· Rework any unhealthy and outdated patterns that limit His rest.

· Recognize and celebrate His presence, resources, responses.

· Embrace your new freedom.

· Feeling a sense of being at rest: a deep satisfaction; feeling full.

Prayerfully read these three passages; meditate upon them; ask God what this can look like in your life at this time. Pursue a state of unhurried grace. Enjoy the rest of God.

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