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Developing Imagination

As a reader and researcher, I love unique book titles on imagination…

A Whack on the Side of the Head

Think Like Leonardo DaVinci

The Imagination of Thomas Edison

Mosaic tiles "Imagine"

In my mind, I describe myself in a cheeky way as a creative genius. According to the IDAK, I am far more imaginative than creative. According to this assessment, creativity is taking something that exists and reshaping it. Imagination is to create something that did not previously exist. The assessment rated me low on creativity, exceptionally high on imagination.

John Lennon, one of my favorite theologians, wrote a song “Imagine”. For 4 decades, it has been a daily exercise to take several minutes to a few hours and just imagine. Imagine what could be; imagine what I could become; imagine what God can do among us. Just imagine.

The structured and less imaginative among us will always ask, “How do you feed imagination?”

  • Identify where your mind goes when you let it wander. Track the patterns.

  • In a meditative way, ask yourself what would it be like…

  • See if your brain function has multiple tracks or if it randomly jumps around. Consider a learning styles inventory to track your brain function.

  • See if you can harness the undisciplined parts of your brain function, imagination, creative processes into a productive pattern.

  • Feed your imagination. Things like music, poetry, art, reading, writing, all feed into imagination.

Every day: write 3 pages.

Weekly: draw, paint, write a poem, etc.

  • My dad, an inventor and designer, said, “There’s always a better way to do everything than the way it’s been done”

What would it be like?

If only…

Just imagine!

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